Welcome to Refine the Mind

Jordan in Toledo, Spain

Hey friends, I’m Jordan. I’m a writer and adventurer with a knack for questioning just about everything.

I love losing myself in a great novel, kayaking beneath starry night skies, and travelling to new places.

This blog is based upon my belief that before we can thrive, we must think differently.

I’m seeking other open-minded people interested in answering the following questions:

    • How can we find purpose and contentment in this noisy, ever-changing world?
    • Which “normal” lifestyle choices and attitudes lead to emptiness and dissatisfaction?
    • What valuable habits can we practice in our daily lives to benefit ourselves and others?

Here, I try to answer those questions (and I could use your input). Much of what I write is rooted in scholarly and scientific research findings, spiritual and moral philosophy, and personal experience.

I believe in the power of bringing people together, and I know this space is only limited by our collective imagination.

I envision a community of generous, free-thinking individuals who support each other and believe in making a positive impact.


But… I need a favor. That cool?

There is no community without you.

If this vision resonates, please subscribe or connect with me and stick around. Let’s build something awesome together.


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