Let’s be Internet friends.

12273042_10153163629120824_2012251707_nAnd by that I mean real friends. The Internet and Earth in general can be pretty cold and lonely sometimes. I try to subvert that trend by cultivating love and kindness and community and other good stuff like that.

So, yeah, you know, befriend me. Talk to me. I’m an actual person who will respond.

I’m kind of overwhelmed by the volume of messages I get these days, so it might take me a while to get back to you, but I do strive to respond to everyone eventually. If you think your message has been lost in the shuffle, feel free to hit me up again and check.

If you want a fast response, tweeting me @_jordan_bates is by far your best option. I will likely respond quickly. The Refine The Mind Discussion Group on Facebook is also a great way to engage in dialogue with me or with the other thoughtful, compassionate, beautiful, free-thinking people in this community. :3

Here are some others ways to connect or converse with me:

P.S. Read a longer story about me/this blog if you’re curious.