Jordan Bates

When you’re sad or depressed or ‘down’ or in a heavy state… This is a rich opportunity to investigate the nature of experience — to ‘vipassanalize’ the self. “Vipassanalize” is a term I learned recently from Frank Yang. I highly recommend reading his recent posts on Instagram if you’ve gone deep into non-duality / awakening practice. He’s on some next-level [...]

Dear Family, Do you feel it too? The Voice of the New… Whispering… Whispering… Whispering… “A New Earth is wanting to be born.” The Old has been breaking down for quite some time now… In 2020, we saw this breakdown accelerate… Our civilization’s absurd totalitarian reaction to the emergence of Corona… Has illuminated the fear, [...]

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” — Zen proverb Let’s begin with a radical perspective: 99.99% of books are not worth reading. The worthwhile ones, however, are Sacred. The best books are cage-melting Red Pills that appear only when you are ready for them. Such books literally have the Power to transport you [...]

1. Does it seem ironic at all to speak of ‘prioritizing public health’ in a civilization that has systematically produced the sickest, most unwell, most obese, most addicted, most suicidal population of humans in history, and has raped the planet? And is it wise to trust said civilization’s default assumptions about the best ways to [...]

Regarding COVID: As I’ve said from the early days, no one truly knows what is happening. No one truly knows the ‘best’ course of action. Yet I have seen an overwhelming herd of people simply unquestioningly pile onto the dominant narrative, and I have seen an emerging slippery slope toward a more unfree, paranoid, reactive, [...]

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