Let’s be Internet friends. ūüôā

12273042_10153163629120824_2012251707_nThe Internet and Earth in general can be pretty cold and lonely sometimes. I try to subvert that trend by cultivating love and kindness and community and other good stuff like that.

I highly recommend joining the Refine The Mind Discussion Group.¬†That’s going to be the fastest way you can start interacting with the thoughtful, wonderful, caring people in the RTM community.

Unfortunately I’m quite overwhelmed by the¬†volume of messages I receive these days across ~20 inboxes on different platforms. Because of this, I’m simply not able to respond to all of the messages I receive. I do make a serious effort to read every¬†message I receive¬†eventually¬†and to reply to those who ask for a response, though it can take a very long time.

If you need urgent help with something, please, please don’t rely on a quick reply from me. And if you’re going through difficult psychological territory, please know that I am not a counselor or therapist. Please seek professional help if you¬†need it; there are so many amazing people out there waiting to help you right now.¬†

Here are some places you can connect with me or message me, in order of how often I visit them:

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