Escaping the Rat Race

Escape the 9-to-5. Follow Your Bliss. Live a Radically Free Life.


Escaping the Rat Race is a course on leaving the world of traditional work to live a radically free life that aligns with your highest excitement.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

— Seth Godin

jordan bates costa ricaIn 2013 I moved to South Korea to teach English, embarking on a nomadic journey that has led me to 32 countries. In the process I became a prosperous entrepreneur, writer, rapper, teacher, and student of Nature.

Having lived nomadically for 6 years, people often ask me how I’m able to do what I do. Often they express that they wish they could do something similar, but they can’t because [insert limiting belief here].

When this happens, I often wish I had time to deconstruct people’s limiting beliefs and teach them the fundamentals of escaping the rat race and living a radically free life. I rarely have time, though, as it would take at least ~8 hours to do so.

As such, I realized there was an opportunity to create a transformational course that would bundle together all of the most fundamental gems I wish I’d had when I began my journey out of the status-quo life-script 6 years ago.

To equip you with the tools to escape the rat race, this course will teach you about about:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Following Your Highest Excitement
  3. Radical frugality
  4. Minimalism
  5. Overcoming fear
  6. Time management
  7. Productivity
  8. Essential mentalities
  9. The Internet Gold Rush
  10. Travel hacking
  11. Self-reliance
  12. Finding the others
  13. Alternative housing
  14. Overcoming limiting beliefs
  15. Earning money abroad

I’m not aware of another course that weaves together the fundamentals of all of these focus areas to build a robust and multi-faceted model of escaping the rat race and living a life that is aligned and exciting.

The course will launch sometime in the coming months. To be the first to know when it’s live and receive special extras during the launch, join the Escaping the Rat Race Insider List here: 

The Economy of the Future

The economy of the future will be increasingly online, and people will have much more freedom to be self-directed and to engage in meaningful work-play that aligns with their gifts and bliss.

The world has already fundamentally changed, as the Internet has opened up a landscape of vastly more possibility and opportunity than ever existed prior in human history.

Most people have not yet realized this, and most are resistant to the idea, as humans are not known for their adeptness at transcending cultural paradigms with much historical momentum.

Nonetheless, the opportunity now exists for most anyone with high-speed Internet to liberate themselves from misaligned ‘jobs’ that are not serving them.

For those able to swallow this sizable Red Pill and undo the cultural programming of yesteryear, it is possible to quantum-leap into an entirely different kind of life relatively quickly. 

This course is my sincere attempt to equip you with the tools and understanding to do just that.

Not only is the course informative, it’s transformative. In addition to ~8+ hours of video lessons, you will be given the opportunity to embark on a series of real-world challenges, thought experiments, writing explorations, and creative exercises to put the teachings into practice and re-design your reality.

Again, the course will launch sometime in the coming months. To be the first to know when it’s live and receive special extras during the launch, join the Escaping the Rat Race Insider List here: 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

— Mary Oliver

Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Power,
Jordan Bates