Jordan Peterson Outrage Reveals Current Cultural Pathologies

1/ The fact that Jordan Peterson triggers and enrages so many people is greatly revealing of current cultural pathologies. He’s essentially a wise grandfather figure who has a few questionable views but is on the whole a good man encouraging you to live a worthwhile, upright life.

2/ People miss the forest for the trees to an alarming degree when it comes to Peterson, relentlessly honing in on areas where he’s controversial/lacking expertise in order to smear/hate him. In doing so they overlook his sizable wisdom (or unconsciously avoid it because it’s confronting).

3/ I think there’s a lot of unconscious stuff going on here related to a cultural sickness in which people resent competence, responsibility, elders, leaders, assertiveness, men, and above all those who tell them many of their problems are of their own making.

4/ Jordan Peterson is a mirror. If you peer within and see ugliness, consider the possibility that it’s your own shadow staring back at you. Your reactive, rationalized resentment of this man may arise from a deep fear that he is actually saying true, valuable, profound things.

5/ But it would be too painful to notice his wisdom and erudition, because that would call into question your ideology, life choices, identity, and/or tribal affiliations. So as a defense mechanism, you find reasons to dismiss him entirely.

6/ When you find yourself wanting to reactively dismiss someone’s entire worldview, look deeply into your true motivations for wanting to do so. It may be the case that you’re self-sabotaging because you don’t want to do the difficult/painful work of revising your life/viewpoints.

7/ There’s no need to worship the guy or view him as an infallible savior—in fact, that’s a mistake made by many of his fans. Peterson has some notable blindspots and foibles, to be sure. But don’t miss out on the proverbial gemstones in his cave of ideas by fixating on a few cobwebs and declaring them unforgivable out of fear.


Featured image source: Martin Marss

About Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is the Creator of Refine The Mind. He loves you. In 2013, he moved to South Korea to teach English, embarking on a nomadic journey that would lead him to 32 countries. In the process he became a writer, rapper, entrepreneur, and agnostic mystic. He’s deeply curious about how reality works, how to live well, and how to liberate all sentient creatures in existence. Befriend him and/or get his free eBook on how to exit the world of traditional work and live a radically free life. Amor fati, humans.

  • Kronomlo Mar 24, 2019, 1:03 pm

    I started watching his lectures during the last two months of talk therapy. The combination of in-person therapy and online psychology lectures by Peterson seriously helped me re-orient my thinking, and subsequently, my life. The epiphany I had after getting both “therapies” was that deep down, I truly believed my life wasn’t worth it, so therefore I’ve never allowed myself to self-actualize. He helped me realize that I am, actually, worth it, and that striving to be better person will both help me and the people/world around me. Like it says in his book “Maps of Meaning”, “Change yourself, change the world”.

    Some of the things he says seriously hurt, but once you think through them, or feel through them, they’re extremely cathartic in a way. It’s like “Oh, other people have gone through this and still are”, especially if you read through the books he recommends. Which is another point; the things he says aren’t new, they’ve been expressed before, just read some of the books he lists on his website. What he’s done that’s very impressive is that he’s taken all these pieces of wisdom, combined them with current scientific research and experience as a talk therapist, and made them into a narrative that has been absorbed by many, many people. He spoke truth, and truth can really hurt. I guess a lot of people weren’t too pleased to be shown how flawed they really are.
    Mirrors are so mean.