Are you a Transformational Mentor, Healer, or Visionary Entrepreneur who knows in your Heart that it's time to STEP UP? 

Do you feel your present reality breaking down, and feel yourself being summoned to undergo massive transformation?

You are not alone.

Many of us are feeling this.

We live in a Time of Monumental Transition.

Our civilization is sick, deep healing is needed, and the time is NOW.

Our species faces an ultimatum: Evolve, or self-destruct.

If you have gone on a journey of healing and waking up from the matrix of mass programming...

Your Wisdom and Medicine are needed now.

It is time to stop simply going through the motions and start EMBODYING a fuller version of Who We Are.

We are summoned to burn off old identities and RISE to BIRTH and BUILD a New Paradigm for humanity based on Unity and Universal Love.

We are called to EXPAND to align with our Soul Joy and become the leaders, healers, and transformational catalysts we came here to be.

It is time to relinquish our 'spiritual' allergy to wealth, manifest Aligned Abundance, and harness these resources for the upliftment of All.

Time to playfully GROUND our lofty spiritual visions — to begin marrying spiritual and material to manifest a more Heavenly Life on Earth.

We are asked to die to who we've been, so as to be REBORN as Who We Truly Are: Infinite Consciousness.

The Ouroboros, an ancient alchemical symbol of a self-devouring serpent, signifies Death, Rebirth, & Infinity, perfectly capturing our present task:

To rebirth ourselves, transmute civilization, and remember our Infinite Nature.

If these words speak deeply to you, OUROBOROS may be a Vortex you are destined to experience and co-create.


OUROBOROS is a Multi-Dimensional Vortex that will evolve over time.

In July of 2020, for its Genesis, OUROBOROS will incarnate as...


A 3-Month Mastermind, Vortex, & Incubator for Transformational Mentors and Visionary Entrepreneurs... 

Who feel called to step up as Leaders in this Time of Transition to help birth a New Paradigm for humanity... 

And who are ready to launch a new Soul-Aligned Offer to rise to a higher level of Impact, Clarity, Magnetism, Wealth, and Purpose.


☯︎ Manifesting Aligned ABUNDANCE so you can focus full-time on living your Soul Purpose and Highest Joy to help heal Earth

☯︎ Understanding how to create Powerful Transformational Containers to assist in the playful liberation of planetary consciousness

☯︎ Working with clients who SHOW UP fully and are happy to invest in themselves through your high-value ($2k-10k) Offer

☯︎ Having a REPEATABLE Process to level up any Transformational Business and consistently magnetize high-level Soul Clients through organic content-creation, without complex webinars, ads, and funnels 

☯︎ Generating $3k-15k+ per month doing what you LOVE and making a True Impact by serving your Unique Medicine to the world


By tapping into the Powerful Trifecta of Energy, Strategy, and Sacred Community.


ENERGY is the secret to life and the hidden key to thriving as a Conscious Entrepreneur. As such, Energy is a Fundamental Pillar in my work. 

OUROBOROS will be a Shamanic Immersion Training in which I will guide you through the most powerful practices and modalities I've ever found, to melt away cages, and raise your vibrational frequency. 

I will transmit a deep understanding of how to Hold Space for yourself and others, how to mentor from your Soul, and how to create potent transformational containers (1:1 or group programs, courses, retreats).

I will show you how to connect to your True Self, radiate your Soul honestly, and magnetize the people and life situations you truly desire.

I will guide you to expand your Energetic Wealth Container, honor and love Conscious Wealth & Business, and awaken into a new paradigm of Wealth Consciousness.

You will absorb by osmosis the transmission of my energy field, which will activate your Soul, gravitationally summon you to Rise, and deepen your embodied understanding of how to playfully live your Truth.


If Energy is the Feminine-Yin Pillar of Life and Business Mastery, Strategy is the Masculine-Yang. 

As such, OUROBOROS will also be a High-Level Entrepreneurial Training in which I will equip you with the most powerful methods and strategies I've learned through 8 years of building prosperous businesses, mentoring dozens of entrepreneurs, and working with high-level business mentors.

I will guide you through a Repeatable Process (that you can return to anytime in the future) for leveling up the Impact, Soul-Alignment, and Income of any Transformational Business.

I will teach you how to gain Hyper-Clarity on your Purpose, Medicine, Offer, Soul Client, and Messaging, so you can masterfully build a BRIDGE to reach your high-level clients. 

I will guide you to create a high-value service-based Offer ($2k-10k), position yourself as an expert, and implement a simple high-income business model.

And I will demystify and re-frame business essentials such as Marketing, Branding, and Sales, so you can confidently embrace these tools to level up your Conscious Business.


Tim Leary famously urged us to, "Find the others." 

I cannot overstate the importance of this principle.

It is a total game-changer that can transform your reality faster than perhaps anything else. 

Our HighExistence Apotheosis 3.0 Tribe, 2019

Always remember: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. 

The Secret Magic of a Mastermind Community arises as a result of connecting to your Soul Tribe and spending substantial time in their presence. 

Suddenly, the often-lonesome Entrepreneurial Journey is transformed into a Full-Tribe Mission, with everyone spiraling upward in the same direction.

For OUROBOROS, my intention is to call in a Powerful Tribe of ~20 Alchemists, Wizards, and Enchantresses, who will co-create an Energy Field that will gravitationally summon all of us to expand into our Higher Destinies. 

In this uncertain Time of Transition, the value of a Soul Tribe, as well as the lifelong bonds and friendships you are likely to form, is incalculable.

"Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls." 

— Joseph Campbell

The 3-month OUROBOROS: SHAMANIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP experience includes: 

☯︎ 7 Bi-Weekly ~1.5-Hour Sacred Ceremonial Workshops and Immersion Trainings via Zoom, to Activate You and Transmit Essential Energetic & Strategic Teachings 

☯︎ 3 Monthly ~1.5-Hour Deep-Dive Q&A Calls to Address All the Tribe's Questions and Challenges

☯︎ Unlimited 3-Month Access to Jordan via WhatsApp Messaging  

☯︎ Initiation into a Powerful Soul-Activating Tribe, Vortex, and Energy Field That Will Call Forth New Levels of Focus, Purpose, Accountability, and Motivation  

☯︎ Exercises, Challenges, & Experiments to Level Up Your Being & Business

☯︎ LIFETIME Access to SHAMANIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP, a Toolkit that will include recordings of all Live Mastermind Sessions and all Materials / Exercises outlining my Repeatable Process for leveling up any Transformational Business

☯︎ 1-Year Access to OUROBOROS TRIBE: A Private Multi-Platform Digital Community


☯︎ One 45-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Jordan During the 3-Month Time Frame, to Activate a New Level of Clarity and Excitement

☯︎ 1-Year Access to OUROBOROS SCHOOL OF WEALTH AND WIZARDRY: 3 Bonus Courses with 20+ Hours of Premium Video + Written Course Content on Conscious Entrepreneurship, Wealth Reprogramming, Manifestation, Inner Alchemy, Creativity, Self-Healing, Shadow Work, Non-Dual Awakening, Life Mastery, & much more 

☯︎ Many Surprises Along the Way 

For an additional investment, those who wish to dive Abyss Deep will also have the option to undertake a journey of 1:1 Mentorship with me. 

If you know you're on the verge of a Revolutionary Quantum Leap in Life, Wealth, and Business, I created OUROBOROS for you.

​Your ​Facilitator
Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is an Alchemist, Activator, Cage Melter, Founder of Refine The Mind, and Co-Owner of HighExistence. For 10 years he's been on a Mystical Quest for Truth that has led him to 32 countries and the far reaches of Inner Space. In that time he's built multiple transformational businesses, reached millions of people, and become a prosperous Entrepreneur and Transformational Mentor. He is infinitely curious about how we can liberate ourselves on every level to re-align with our Highest Joy, thereby contributing to the liberation of Consciousness on Earth and beyond.


This Vortex is for you if: 

1. You are a Transformational Entrepreneur on a Mystical Journey and feel an increasingly undeniable call to show up FULLY, share your Soul Gifts, and be Who You Truly Are. 

2. You feel called to launch a new Soul-Aligned Offer to manifest Aligned Abundance, allowing you to focus on living your Purpose full-time.

3. You feel ready to learn how to Hold Space for anything, maintain a high frequency, and apply this embodied understanding to playfully heal and liberate consciousness on Earth. 

4. You are ready to Own Your Life, drop all excuses, drop all victim mentalities, and take massive ACTION to live your Truth, no matter what it takes. 

5. You possess transformational, shamanic, healing, or spiritual-artistic Gifts. You realize business is a powerful vehicle to share your Medicine, and you have a business that channels your Truth or intend to create one.


If you show up FULLY and do the WORK:

1. You will clarify and align deeply with your Soul's Purpose on Earth. You will re-enchant and re-infuse your life with a sense of Deep Meaning. 

2. You will level up your Impact and Income by gaining new energetic-strategic tools and by clarifying your Offer, Soul Client, Medicine, & Message.

3. You will expand your Energetic Wealth Container by releasing limiting money blocks and activating Wealth Consciousness.

4. You will know how to magnetize Soulmate Clients and generate $3-10k+ per month by sharing your Gifts and doing what ignites your Inner Fire, Joy, and Aliveness.

5. You will understand how to Hold Space, mentor from the Soul, and create Potent Containers that catalyze real, deep Transformation.

6. You will reclaim a great deal of your True Power. You will remember more of Who You Truly Are. You will understand that YOU are the Medicine.

7. You will be immersed in an energy of Sacred Play and you will see how you can hold this energy and allow it to permeate your entire life.

8. You will unlock new levels of internal and external Freedom. You will see that in aligning with Soul, you are naturally becoming a New Earth Leader. 


Jon Brooks


"If a zombie apocalypse happened, one of the first people I’d call to help me survive and strategize would be Jordan Bates."

"Jokes aside, Jordan is one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered. On a personal level, I trust Jordan with my life. He is a truly good person and expresses a genuine concern for his own level of integrity in all situations. The best part, however, is that beyond the razor-sharp intelligence and creative wizard skills that Jordan possesses, he is incredibly easy to be around—always ready to see the funny side of life...”



Happiness Engineer

"Jordan changed my life completely..."

Jordan is an exceptional thinker and visionary, always juggling multiple lenses through which he sees reality. He has this incredible power of facilitating the most profound transformation and opening doors in the most unexpected places. Working with him I've learned to shift perspective on what I believed were serious obstacles and limitations, and transmute the daily struggle and grind into a thrilling and playful process of self-discovery. If you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy and harshest critic, Jordan will surely help you let go of your limiting beliefs and blossom.

Sasha Flaska

Cryptocurrency Trader

"Jordan Bates is the loving catalyst for transcendental change."

"Jordan Bates is, simply put, one of the most engaged, energized, and aware human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with. He has this youthful wonder and whimsy fueled by a burning passion to make the most of his uncertain time on this earth, and help as many people as he can wake up to their power and capacity to change the world. Jordan is filled with a boundless eternal love for the work he does, and all those that cross his path..."


OUROBOROS is the culmination of a 10-year Mystical Quest for Truth that has led me to 32 countries and the far reaches of Inner Space. 

Through Dead Honest Multi-Medium Creativity I've reached millions of people, (co-)built prosperous Transformational Businesses, mentored hundreds of Creators, and co-created five entheogenic retreats on multiple continents. 

Now it's time for me to take things to the next level.

Humanity stands at a monumental crossroads.

It is time to undergo a collective Death and Rebirth into a New Paradigm of Consciousness, in order to heal, regenerate, and re-harmonize with the Earth. 

We are called to GROUND Unity Consciousness by BUILDING New Paradigm Businesses, Communities, Cultures, Organizations, and Institutions. 

OUROBOROS is my answer to this call.

Will you join us?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller


Dylan Major

Student of Philosophy

"Jordan’s one of the most genuine human beings that I’ve met, and always wears authenticity on his sleeve."

“His work has moved my mind and touched my heart, but what’s more special than that is how he’s been able to teach me to truly see myself. With his spark, I’ve been able to work on integrating my shadows, actualizing my potential, and opening up to new worlds of possibility. Jordan leads by example, and as an equal, who’s always trying to grow with others. He’s a friend that will last throughout life, and he’s made a tremendously positive impact on the quality of mine.”

Chelsea Wells

Artist / Healer

"I consider Jordan an inspiring entrepreneurial spirit who will shake up the globe, and a clear guiding light in a world of confusion."

"Jordan is a multi-talented master wordsmith. I was influenced by his writing long before I met him in person and inspired by his approach to life. Jordan has helped me realize that we are the only ones who hold ourselves back by keeping ourselves small. He also has a kind, gentle way of asking leading questions that help the receiver discover their own truths... Anyone who chooses to work with him will likely find it an illuminating experience.”

Mike DeCourcey

Life Experimenter

"Jordan Bates is a rare gem of a human that emanates an essence of warm sun ray sparkles."

"He is one of the most open humans that I have met in this lifetime. He is a great teacher by bringing spaciousness sprinkled with being-ness when you are in his presence. He has much wisdom to offer and even more love to give. I never had more fun exploring new territories in life than with this man. His writing has inspired me many times over, and now I am honored to call him a friend!"

Travis Beck


"I am undeniably a much wiser, more mature and capable human being since knowing Jordan."

“I met Jordan Bates for the first time during our “face to face” video interview call leading up to a retreat he was hosting. During this initial video call it became increasingly apparent that this was no ‘ordinary’ human interaction. Something completely different was occurring that took me a while to comprehend, and it was this: I was being listened to and paid attention to on a level that I probably hadn’t experienced since I was a tiny child… Seeing this in Jordan has helped me cultivate this in my own life which has wholly shifted my reality into a more loving, open, and authentic experience."

Mayry Craver

Artist / Healer

"I can't even believe how productive and uninhibited I feel creatively now..."

"I consider myself and my life all the more blessed for having Jordan Bates as a friend and mentor... I began coaching with Jordan in order to untangle and gain perspective on several hindrances I had been dealing with in regards to my creative productivity. I am beyond grateful that I did! Not only was Jordan able to help me make great progress in numerous projects that I had otherwise given up on, he did so with impeccable attention and care, and made it easy to get to the root of the issues I was having... I will be benefiting from making the choice to have Jordan coach me for my entire life..."

Giorgio Parlato

Digital Nomad

"One of the most uplifting and mind-shattering personalities on the web, Jordan Bates has inspired me in countless ways and truly helped me to become a better human being."

"Jordan is one of the wisest persons I had the fortune to encounter on my path. His writing has helped me improve on several different levels, most importantly, happiness and open-mindedness. His specific knowledge is really vast, spanning from philosophy and spiritual practices to productivity and lifestyle design. A truly great person to learn a lot from."