We Live in a Divine Painting: 3 Videos to Refine Your Perception

Recently I’ve started recording a lot of videos.

This is partially because I’ve been building the  Amor Fati Course—an upcoming course on how to love life.

As I’ve done this, I’ve realized that video as a medium allows me to convey much more of my lifeworld than I am able to through text alone. It allows me to provide more of an experience of my reality.

On one hand this seems obvious, but the extent to which this is true didn’t really sink in until I actually dug in and started recording videos.

I now feel strongly that video will be a bigger part of everything I do moving forward, and I’m excited to do more exploration of the possibilities offered by this medium.

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Today I’d like to share with you three of the videos I’ve recently recorded. I hope you enjoy them:

We Live in a Divine Painting (Waking Up to the Sacred Beauty of Reality)

This video is an intimate expression of gratitude, wonder, and love, with a hint of mysticism:

On Upgrading Humanity’s Collective Capacity and Transcending Hostile Tribalism

In this video I explore the topics of upgrading humanity’s collective love and wisdom; transcending hostile and dogmatic forms of tribalism; and learning to view people as Divine Individuals:

Why Resentment is Corrosive Acid Eating You From Within (And How to Release It)

In this video I discuss the relationship between resentment and gratitude, why resentment is toxic poison, and some ideas for how to release accumulated resentment:

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