The Meaning of Life is to Give and Receive Love

An entheogen-inspired meditation on the meaning and purpose of life.


The meaning of life is to give and receive love.

At the center of everything is an infinite wellspring of creativity and love.

One fundamental purpose of human life is to cut through all the layers of conditioning, trauma, persona, and indoctrination to uncover this wellspring within yourself, then let it flow through you.

You are a prism, and the meaning of life is to allow the indomitable Light of Being to dance and refract through you to generate patterns only you can generate.

You are a musical instrument, and the purpose of life is to allow the eternal Music of Being to play you, producing a unique song only you can produce.

Let yourself be animated by the Great Flowing Love to become what only you can become.

Share your gifts in the way only you can share them.

Create what only you can create.

Follow your highest excitement.

Let the love flow.

Play your part well.

As a wise woman recently wrote in my journal:

I just launched Escaping the Rat Race: The Radically Honest Toolkit to Escape 9-to-5, Follow Your Bliss, and Live a Radically Free Life.

Escaping the Rat Race

“I love you.
I love your existence.
I need your existence.”

We are interdependent.

We are connected.

All of us.

As the great Alan Watts said:

“You didn’t come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here.”

You emerged from this world as a leaf from a tree.

You belong here.

Never forget this.

I adore you.

Happy 2019, earthlings.

May it be filled with love and honesty. 🌸💜

Featured image source: 19th century Tibetan mandala


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