SHORT STORY: The Man Who Became Agnostic About Everything

There is a man named Zan who systematically and intensively considers a new worldview/philosophy/perspective every day of his life.

Over the course of his lifetime, he considers some ~30,000 different ways of understanding the world, ~30,000 lenses for making sense of reality.

And yet, there still remain a theoretically infinite number of vantage points which he has not considered.

 Nonetheless, his understanding is rich. His models and modes of understanding/relating to the world are diverse and reveal many layers and paradoxes within the matrix of human knowledge. The world is so many things at once.

Ultimately, he declares himself agnostic about everything. Knowing nothing, he is curious about everything. Being curious about everything, he is a friend to all things and people. He finds the world tantalizing, twisted, surreal in its ambiguity, in its indecipherable dance. He loves the cosmos in its vast glory.

He dies. The universe goes on.


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About Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a creator, entrepreneur, and perpetually curious autodidact interested in just about everything. He tweets a lot. He questions all the things. He makes unusual rap songs. He wanders the globe and writes about the most vitalizing, useful, and/or world-changing insights he happens upon. He dreams of a more compassionate, cooperative global community in which every human being’s basic needs are met and all sentient beings are respected. Befriend him and/or get his free eBook on how to exit the world of traditional work and live a radically free life. Amor fati, humans.

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